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Intuitive Lacey Jackson specializes in phone, email and in person past life readings and angel readings in Olympia, WA.




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Lacey has been working in the healing arts for    over 30 years. She is an Author, Psychic, Abundance Babe, Health Coach, Love Expert, and Groovy Goddess! She helps you communicate with your deceased loved ones, animals and your future self. She lives her Passion by helping others develop their Intuitive abilities. She has helped many with health, relationships, abundance, finances and life purpose. She is Living Proof “We can Manifest Our Heart’s Desire” and “We are All Incredibly Abundant!”

Lacey is always available to do readings on and you can find her there most days & evenings!  She is available for her “in person” clients all over the world by Skype, email,  and chat. She is very enthusiastic about helping others develop their gifts from within so they can live a more passionate life. She has been in the healing and metaphysical field for over 35 years and a Professional Psychic since 2004.